MAD Presents..

MAD Presents... Teen Titanic

MAD spoofs the Teen Titans animated series along with James Cameron's classic Titanic.

This a listing of shorts featured during the DC Nation block. They are meant to provide viewers with short breaks and laughs in between the serious action shows and provide balance to the block. While some shorts have a continuing storyline told throughout (ex. Amethyst, Sword of the Atom), it is not absolutely neccesary to see a specific short before any other. They are shorts after all.

Shorts FeaturedEdit

  • Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld- Amethyst is brought into Gemworld to fight the forces of Dark Opal.
  • Animal Man- a superhero who saves animals when people are clearly in danger.
  • Batman of Shanghai- a different take on the beloved Bat
  • DC's World's Funniest- shorts about Batman, Robin, Superman, Catwoman and the Joker. Animated by Rich Webber of Aardman Animations.
  • Farm League- shorts featuring a "Justice League of Animals" with wacky word plays on each character's name (ex. Supermanatee, Wonder Wombat, Batmongoose, etc.)
  • MAD Presents...- shorts from Cartoon Network's MAD. All superhero related in some form or fashion.
  • New Teen Titans- a follow up to the Teen Titans series which ran from 2003 to 2006. It features the same voice talent from the first series. Though more of a superdeformed 'chibi' take on the heroes, it still retains much of the same anime-influenced style the first series had. Thus far the shorts have contained many mild allusions to both the first series and the DC-verse as a whole, but one need not know of either to enjoy the shorts. Due to the apparent success of the shorts, the series is getting a full reboot as Teen Titans Go! which is slated to premiere April 2013.
  • Plastic Man- shorts about the DC hero. Features the voice talent of Tom Kenny.
  • Super Best Friends Forever (S.B.F.F.)- Created by Lauren Faust. Follows the misadventures of the three super friends Wondergirl (voiced by Grey DeLisle), Batgirl (reprised by Tara Strong), and Supergirl (voiced by Nicole Sullivan). The short bears strong resemblances to Powerpuff Girls, which Faust also had a hand in.
  • Sword of the Atom- shorts about the hero the Atom.
  • Tokyo/Baby Superman- shorts about a baby who gains the powers of the Superman of Tokyo when wearing his cape as a diaper.
  • Thunder and Lightning- shorts about the hero Black Lightning and his two daughters.
  • Vibe- shorts about the hero Vibe

To be announced...Edit

In addition to the shorts, Sam Register has promised new content for the block every week, "whether that's a new show, and interstitial, or a short". Note: this promise was broken with the long hiatus DC Nation took from mid-October 2012 until January 2013. Since then, DC has been back on track with new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series , along with a new short or two each week.