Real name: Bruce Wayne
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Batman is a crime-fighter from gotham city, and a founding member of the Justice League. He is the mentor of Robin and Batgirl, and was the mentor to Nightwing when he was still robin. He was responsible for assigning missions to The Team. And he is a member of The Bat family.



Powers As a normal human, Batman has no superhuman powers, but has trained extensively and is shown defeating opponents far larger and more powerful than himself. He also taught Dick numerous skills including lock-picking and how to effectively disappear.


* Leadership: Batman is able to lead both the Justice League and supervise the Team
  at the same time and without flaw.
* Intimidation: Batman commands a very powerful presence. His enemies know to fear
  him and his friends know to respect him.
* Peak human conditioning:
   * Agility: Batman has proven to be at the peak of human agility, able to perform
     amazing feats such as leaping high into the air in his battle against Mr.
   * Strength: Batman's physical strength is above most men his age.
* Movement:
   * Master acrobat: Batman has proven capable of amazing aerial maneuvers and 
   * Master of stealth: Batman is capable of disappearing and reappearing without 
     anyone noticing.
   * Escape artistry: Batman is capable of escaping from various traps and locks in
     impressive time, and has educated Robin in the art as well.
   * Speed: Batman is shown to move far quicker than average humans and surprises
     opponents in battle in a short time frame.
* Mental:
   * Detective skills: Batman is a master detective, and bases his method on
     logic.With these skills, he has been able to deduce the identities of the 
     entire Justice League, though not all of the members know this.
   * Master hacker and computer technician: Batman owns one of the world's leading
     technical companies in the world,Wayne Tech, and his company is responsible 
     much of the Justice League's technology.
   * Multilingualism: In addition to English, Batman can speak a variety of
* Vehicular:
   * Expert pilot: Batman flies the Batplane with great skill.


  • Batman was trained to be stronger.
  • Batman is a founding member of the Justice League.
  • Batman is apart of the Bat family.